Our Services in detail

Our Services in detail

Sardinia properties for sale and to rent in the most sought after locations: how can we help you find your dream home in Sardinia?

A list of hand-picked Sardinia properties for sale and holidays rentals are the content of our websites. They contain a list of homes and apartments to rent and for sale in the beautiful South of the island from Cagliari to Villasimius.

Although the database is going to be constantly updated it should, by no means, be taken as exhaustive of the Sardinia properties for sale that we can help you find in this beautiful island. It was set up with the sole purpose of giving you an idea of the type of properties that are currently available to buy in Sardinia through our own real estate agency.

Should one of the Sardinia properties for sale listed in our database meet most, if not all, of your requirements, we will organize a viewing for you of this and any other similar properties. We will also act as your personal interpreter and translator throughout the searching, viewing and buying process. We will be there for you to make sure that no stone is left unturned to satisfy your requirements.

Whatever kind of property you are thinking of buying in Sardinia, and whatever the reason that makes you want to do it, we can help you. So if you would like to invest in Sardinia, buy a holiday home or relocate, please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal chat. If you feel that the language might be a barrier or that the difficulties in finding a property in Sardinia are insurmountable, or simply do not have enough time to pursue this project, wait no more, contact us. We can solve all these problems for you thanks to our online and offline Sardinia properties for sale.

We have an in depth knowledge of the market, of the property buying process and we are able to point out to you the main differences between buying a property in Italy and buying a property in the UK. We will put you in touch will all relevant professionals in Italy, translate and interpret for you throughout the buying process and beyond. It will be our pleasure to also help you transform your newly purchased house into a home. Our main aim will be to save you time, money and to reduce the stress and frustration of house hunting in a foreign country. We shall then look forward to join you for celebrating the purchase of your home in Sardinia.

How are services work:

(1) Once we have established your specific requirements we will use our network of contacts in Sardinia, database and experience in the local market to shortlist the most suitable properties for sale in Sardinia. It is very important at this stage that you are as open as possible with us about

  • the kind of property you wish to buy;
  • the location;
  • the budget.

We will be very happy to discuss this with you and to help you assess what may or may not be realistic in relation to the real estate market in Sardinia. Remember we are here to help you and ‘hard sale’ is nothing but an empty phrase to us. We would rather advise you against purchasing a property and carry on searching for you, than let you get involved with unclear and potentially damaging situations. The luckiest Clients have come to Sardinia for a long weekend (for the first time!) and have gone back home with a signed ‘compromesso’ in their bag. The average time to become the rightful owner of a property in Sardinia is 2 to 4 months.

(2) Once you have made a selection of properties for sale in Sardinia from our on line and off line database we will organize the viewing of such properties for you at your convenience. We shall then instruct on your behalf, all relevant professionals to carry out a full search on the property that you wish to buy. This is a very important step of the conveyance as it is aimed to making sure that there is no adverse entry to the sale of the property. A poor or incomplete search on the property could end up in bad headaches and unnecessary problems. To avoid this we work closely with Public Notaries (the experts in conveyancing in Italy) and fully qualified and regularly registered Ingeneers and geometras. Nothing will be taking for granted and we will report to you on every step that we take on your behalf. Any question will be answered to the best of our abilities.

(3) If everything is in order with the house, the first step towards the ownership of your dream home will be the signing of the compromesso. The Compromesso is a legally binding agreement. With the signing of the compromesso the Vendor commits himself to sell his/her property, and the Buyer commits him/herself to purchase it. The compromesso will be translated for you in English at no extra charge.

A minimum 10% deposit will be required at this stage. In the very unlikely event that the Vendor were to change his/her mind about selling his property, he will have to pay the Buyer twice the deposit back. If the Buyer were to change his/her mind he would lose the amount payed as a deposit.

The Compromesso is a legal mean for protecting the Buyer against the risk of ‘gazumping’. To give extra protection to the Buyer the Italian government has now made compulsory the registration of the compromesso at the local Tax Office.

We offer a comprehensive and personal service and will assist you throughout the conveyance and up to the signing of the rogito (Deed) in a notary’s office.

Before the signing of the rogito (Final Contract) we will advise you about all the purchase expenses including the various taxes, the notary fees and all the other payable professionals fees as required by yourself. If you wish to rent out your home we can also help you. For more information on Sardinia holiday rentals you can visit our websites:



Please note that our agency fees (3% +VAT) for all our listed Sardinia properties for sale include all of the above services and we do not charge extra for any of these.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and to provide you with the best possible service to buy your holiday or retirement property in Sardinia.

Sardinia properties for sale

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