My Villa in Sardinia

My Villa in Sardinia

My Villa in Sardinia offers the best selection of properties for sale and to rent in South East Sardinia.

My Villa in Sardinia is the leading point of reference for anyone seeking comprehensive assistance for buying and selling properties in Sardinia. We also offer a small selection of luxury holiday villas to rent in the South East coast. For more information on our holiday rentals in Sardinia please visit

Buying abroad.

Buying a property abroad can be a very time-consuming and stressful experience. The language barrier; the differences in conveyancing; the hardship in finding one’s ideal property might prove too much to bear even for the most determined and enthusiastic buyer.

If Sardinia is your chosen area of interest, My Villa in Sardinia can solve all these problems for you. We have an in-depth knowledge of Sardinia, its people, the language and the market. As such we are confident that we will be able to help you find a property that meets most, if not all, of your requirements. So whether you aim to buy a home away-from-home or to own your own holiday rental in Sardinia we can help you. Not sure yet? Please visit our ‘Testimonial‘ page to read what our Clients said about us.

What happens after you have identified your dream holiday home in Sardinia?

The next step to becoming the lawful owner of your chosen home in Sardinia is the signing of the preliminary contract. The contract is called ‘Compromesso’ and its signing represents the first stage of the conveyancing process in Italy. The ‘Compromesso’ is usually prepared by your trusted estate agent. If you do not speak and read Italian the contract will have to be translated in English in order for it to be legally valid. Unlike any other agency, My Villa in Sardinia will make the translation for you free of charge.

Essential elements.

Aside from the personal details of the two involved parties, the ‘Compromesso’ will also have to contain some other essential elements. In particular:

  • a thorough description of the property;
  • the cadastral data that identifies it uniquely;
  • the agreed price;
  • the payment schedule;
  • all the conditions agreed by the parties prior to its drafting;
  • the sign by date of the Final Deed of Sale.

At the signing of the ‘Compromesso’ the Buyer will have to make a deposit. This is usually calculated on the basis of a percentage of the agreed sale price. The deposit is called  ‘caparra confirmatoria‘ and the percentage can vary between 10% to 30%. The exact amount will have been agreed beforehand with the vendor and it will be specified in the ‘Compromesso’.

The ‘Compromesso’ is a legally binding contract. As such penalties will be due if the agreement is breached. This is, however, a very unlikely event provided that you put yourself in good professional hands. Remember: estate agents in Italy are not just advertising agencies but they have several obligations that are meant to make the purchase of a property as safe as possible. You should therefore make sure that the contract is drafted by a fully qualified agent and that he/she is regularly registered with the local Chamber of Commerce.


The penalty in case the agreement is breached by one of the parties is equal to the sum (deposit or ‘caparra confirmatoria‘) paid by the buyer to the vendor when the ‘Compromesso’ was signed.

More specifically: if the sale falls through because of a change of heart by the buyer he/she will lose the deposit paid. If it is the vendor who decides not to go ahead with the sale of his property than the buyer will be due twice the deposit back.

Rogito or final deed of Sale.

The second stage of the conveyancing is the Final Deed of Sale, or ‘Rogito’. The ‘Rogito’ is drafted by a notary public and must be signed in his office by both the buying and the selling party. If you are not fluent in Italian, the ‘Rogito’ must also be translated into your language.  An interpreter will read it aloud for you before you sign it.

Prior to the signing  of the ‘Rogito’, the notary will have to  carry out the necessary checks to make sure that there are no mortgages, bad debts or other impediments that could affect your purchase.

The signing of the Deed coincides with the completion date and with the payment of the balance still due to the vendor. At the same time the notary will collect from you the stamp duty due for the purchase.  He/she will then pay it to the tax office on your behalf. From this moment on you will be the rightful owner of your dream home in Sardinia.

My Villa in Sardinia services.

Our agency provides full assistance before and after the signing of the Compromesso and  beyond the signing of the ‘Rogito’.

Before the signing of the ‘Rogito’ we will advise you about all the purchase expenses. This list will include the various taxes, the notary fees and any other payable professional fees.

We shall look forward to hearing from you and also to assist you in the purchase of your property in Sardinia!

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